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"I also wanted to just say thank you. I have had such bad experiences with doctors in the conventional medical realm that it was so nice to just feel like someone (you) was actually listening to everything I had to say, that you didn't think I was crazy, and that you really cared. It meant a lot to me. So, again, thanks." – Sonia Motwani , Leading Industrialist

I suffered from a very painful and severe skin condition called Herpes Zoster 4 years back.It started with a severe backache which used to immobilize me completely and later large blisters started appearing on my back. Big eruptions had spread all over my back. It was terribly scary and intensely painful. I started homeopathic treatment under Dr Vijay.

Having great faith in homeopathy and Dr. Vijay, I placed myself completely under his care. After a few doses of those tiny homeopathic pills, I must say that my intense pain was greatly relieved within 48 hours. Gradually, the large blisters on my back started subsiding and the skin healed naturally. I am absolutely fine today and am thoroughly convinced that homeopathy under Dr .Vijay cures patients in a very quick, efficient and complete manner. “Homeopathy truly heals” –
Abishek Shah, Final year BE Student Anna University.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism for past 3 years, though my TSH levels seem to be under control with it, most of my symptoms existed throughout. I have consulted Dr.Vijay, with in a month’s time I have seen great improvement. I would definitely recommend Dr.Vijay because he is simply the best and the cost of medication is very minimum.

Dr. Vijay has been a god-send for my daughter who was taking steroids for her psoriasis problem for many years. She is so much better now. We were initially rather skeptical about this treatment after reading about it on the web. But after getting to know him and his method of practice we understand and appreciate what it means to be a holistic doctor. I have been recommending him to all my friends and extended family. –
Kim, Philadelphia, USA
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