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I was diagnosed by my doctor with exercise-induced asthma. I also had very sensitive skin- just grazing my fingernail across my arm or back brought out welts and itching.Exposure to irritants made it worse. Dr.Vijay gave me a homoeopathic remedy that strengthened my immune system and banished those maladies. And I am grateful. – Sachin dave, Manager ICICI Bank.

I first came to see Dr.Vijay 2 years ago for psoriasis and my psoriasis was cured. I now use homoeopathy for other mild little things. Thanks to Prof.Dr.R.Vijay Anand –
Ajith K, Project Manager, CTS.

Dr.Vijay successfully treated me for kidney stones. I was in pain and was afraid of an operation. My colleague suggested that I try homoeopathy. I consulted Dr.Vijay at vijay homoeo clinic and he treated me with homoeopathic medicines and suggested a few diet changes. I passed the stones in my urine just 3 weeks after I started the treatment. I have recommended Dr.Vijay treatment to other people who I know have kidney stones.-
Raj Kamal , Asst Prof, VIT, Vellore

I had migraine for last 4 years. Every evening I took pain medication before sleep. I tried many different things, but nothing helped. I was not too keen on taking homeopathy but started anyway as persuaded by my friend. Now the problem is gone. I don't need to take any pain medication. WOW!!!!!!! Thank You Dr.Vijay And Thanks homeopathy –
Sania – House wife

I was suffering from post chemotherapy complications after treatment for Uterine Cancer. The oncology specialists had diagnosed it as a recto-vaginal fistula & asked me to go in for surgery, after which I was supposed to wear a stool bag all my life. I used to have severe menstrual bleeding episodes almost every day & this used to happen every time I passed motion. I was totally bedridden & I also had diabetes & low Hb%. After taking homoeopathic treatment from Dr.Vijay, I am now able to move about & do my own work, my fistula has healed & there is no bleeding or any other symptoms. My family had lost all hope of my survival, but thanks to Dr.Vijay for the best treatment.
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