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Adenoids are surgically removed at the same time. Although you can see the tonsils at the back of the throat, adenoids aren't directly visible. It is a mass of tissue in the passage that connects the back of the nasal cavity to the throat.

By producing antibodies to help the body fight infections,adenoids help to control bacteria and viruses that enter through the nose.
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Adenoids usually shrink after 5 years of age and often practically disappear by the teen years.Because adenoids trap germs that enter the bodyadenoid tissue can temporarily swell as it tries to fight off an infection.

These symptoms are often associated with enlarged adenoids: difficulty breathing through the nosebreathing through the mouth, talking as if the nostrils are pinched, noisy breathing, snoring, stopped breathing for a few seconds during sleep (sleep apnea).

In homoeopathy medicine like Agraphis, Cistus , Calc carb  are used for the treatment. The proper analysis of the case with the qualified homoeopathic physician will give the better results.